In the Womb Project


In The Womb Project is a committee of the Gladys T. McGarey Medical Foundation, organized by Wendy McCord, PhD. We are made up of a group of women and men who have a deep appreciation and respect for mothers and babies. Each of us, in our own way has dedicated our lives to reawakening consciousness ‘in the womb’.

The focus of the In The Womb Project is to illuminate the vital and unrecognized first stage of human development- from one year before birth to the critical 24 hours after birth. (12/24) This requires a paradigm shift. When we understand and respect the importance of our origins we will be able to prevent and heal much of the pain of our humanity.

Womb Health Equals World Healthyour planet

What happens in the womb does not stay in the womb! But it sets the template for the life of the child. Science and medicine are just beginning to understand the importance of this stage of development. Psychology has not yet recognized prenatal life as a full stage of development, much less the most important stage of all. We are ahead of our time, and we are ancient wisdom.

  • In The Womb Project believes in the sacredness of the feminine.
  • In The Womb Project strongly desires that each conception be a conscious and intentional one.
  • In The Womb Project understands that being conceived with intention and love is the greatest gift and foundation anyone can have.
  • In The Womb Project teaches that pregnancy is the time when either love or fear can be set as the foundation for the child as the brain is developing.
  • In The Womb Project acknowledges the importance of the connection of the child to its mother, to itself and to the universe from which it came and of which it is a part.
  • In The Womb Project believes that this connection is sacred and love is the foundation.
  • In The Womb Project wants to bring back the feminine to medicine. We believe that mothers everywhere are able to find their own innate power to birth and trust in the natural design of their bodies. This trust minimizes the use of drugs, interventions and surgery.
  • In The Womb Project offers choices for healthy evidence based childbirth- not based on fear.
  • In The Womb Project is collecting current and relevant research to support the vision of conscious conception, connected pregnancy, psychological awareness of the child in the womb, whole, holistic, child birth, and the importance of bonding.

In the Womb Project offers an exceptional list of
speakers on this subject.

Dr. Gladys McGarey, MD - 480-991-3380
Dr. Wendy McCord, PhD - 480-540-0074
Dr. Susan Highsmith, PhD - 520-940-6471
Ms. Amanda Vermilion - 480-383-3283