Between Humans & Horses:

Eight Parenting Lessons from the Horse's Mouth

A Video for PARENTS!

What on earth do horses and children have in common? In this beautiful and inspiring video, you will see how these two diverse worlds meet. Through a series of sight lessons, parents are given a fresh way to understand how cooperation and respect can be established and lead to a lifetime of connection and love.

  • Lesson 1: Find out how wild horse herds deal with family issues
  • Lesson 2: Learn what it means to become a Lead Mare
  • Lesson 3: Ask, tell, mean it, get resistance free cooperation
  • Lesson 4: Allow mistakes and reward a try
  • Lesson 5: Sensitivity, each horse and child is different
  • Lesson 6: Developing Potential
  • Lesson 7: Anger and its dangers
  • Lesson 8: Developing the bond of love

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