Before anyone begins therapy they have a right and obligation to find out what and how their therapist thinks...

Where I find the greatest satisfaction in working with families, couples and individuals is helping them to communicate and find love and self respect against the backdrop of their own personal histories and how they were parented. This in turn leads to better parenting, stronger relationships and fuller richer lives lived through love.

What I have found over the years is that the most difficult pain people experience often occurs very early in life, before words. Throughout my career, I began to search for ways to make these early memories accessible. As those I worked with did begin to heal I began to ask the question, "Why are we not aware of the damage we are doing to children from their conception into their first years." So much of this pain inflicted could be changed by education alone. The problem seemed to be that our culture did not believe that children could be influenced psychologically this early in life. And so my passion for preventative psychology began. Through the creation of my counseling center and lectures and eventually my book, Earthbabies, I have looked for ways to offer a helping hand to new parents and their children. There is an international organization that supports this philosophy, the Association of Pre and Peri-natal Psychology and Health. You can contact them at or e-mail them at

Along with marriage, family, and relationship counseling, I have experience in working with adults who have suffered early childhood trauma.

This therapy can be longer term and is a journey of the soul. I am prepared to go with my clients on this journey and have found that their spiritual connection, whatever that may be, is an important part of this healing process. I have seen the damage of abuse in all its forms. My greatest respect and admiration goes to those who have survived the unspeakable. As adults they are courageous enough to remember and heal these experiences to discover the truth that they are lovable. In the last few years, I have begun to bring together my love of horses with healing. I have found that they have an amazing ability to touch the human heart.

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Areas of Specialty

Experiential - Emotionally focused Therapy:

The path into the unconscious is better accessed through feeling and creative expression. Dr. McCord uses visualization, regression, art, music, acting, movement, creative writing, story telling, and other right-brained techniques to uncover the hidden messages and relieve self-sabotaging behavior.

Natal Psychotherapy:

The focus is on the effects of conception, gestation and birth. Every individual has a birth story. If this stage was difficult or traumatic it can be worked on and resolved. This first stage of development, largely disregarded in psychology, is the most powerful and determines how we feel about ourselves. Through understanding and rewriting our stories, a new and empowering self-image begins to emerge. As this happens life can open up and take on a new meaning. Clarity is the gift of understanding this stage of our lives and with clarity better choices can be made. Please visit Earthbabies The Book.

Early infant and child issues:

Attachment, sibling concerns and maternal depression. This area focuses on teaching about connection and child development and needs. Through education and practical assistance, mothers and families can connect and function with love.


Dr. McCord is a nationally respected parenting expert. She covers the area of parenting from conception through birth, childhood, adolescence, to launch.

Adoption issues for adults:

Being adopted can be the cause of sensitive issues around the self. Working with adopted adults and children to understand what happened, why and how it made them feel about themselves can bring great relief. Assistance with and during reunions is offered. Working to heal the bridge between birth parent, adoptive family and the adoptee can offer a great sense of freedom and peace.

Advocacy for alternative families:

Today's "family" looks different and the trend is growing. Dr. McCord offers an advocacy and acceptance to LGBTQ individuals and couples who are in need of support.