Horse Therapy

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a person."

Introduction- My history with horses began with my first recalled memory. As a little girl I fell in love with horses even before I had seen one. The passion was just there laying in wait to be discovered. Somehow it was brought with me into this life. As a little girl I drew horses, watched them on westerns and cried when I saw them in fields and read every book about them I could find in elementary school. I remember seeing my first real bale of hay and bursting into tears.  This was not something I had to pursue, it was deeper than that, it was something unfolding inside me and I had to follow it.  Along with this, here was also a knowing that there was a  way to have a deep and personal connection to a horse.

My parents were not horse people,  so they indulged my passion with measured amusement. Here is one true story. We lived in the suburbs of Buffalo NY. Our house had a reasonably big back yard with a shed. When I was about 8 I asked my dad if I could keep a little donkey in the back. He said I would have to ask the Dept of Health if it was okay. That sounded hopeful and good to me, so off I marched to the local Health Dept. by myself and inquired. They were stunned...and amused. After kind consideration they said it was against the rules. I was crushed, my dad was relieved, and the Dept of Health had a story to tell. They actually called my parents- I never knew what was said but now I can imagine.

 My parents did give me riding lessons, and sent me to summer horse camps. I lived for those days. I was fearless and got hurt several times doing reckless things. I was looking for that connection I knew was possible.  I got my first horse at 22 when I married and have never been without one since. (husbands yes, horses no).  If my parents had taken me seriously I know my life would have gone in another direction, but as it is, psychology was the path I took. Little did I know that the two paths were to merge later in my life.

My "learning horse" was Faceta. She was an 11 year old Andalusian mare. She was beautiful and my fantasy horse. The horse of my dreams turned out to be something of a nightmare and my steepest learning curve. She would not trailer load, pulled on the bridle and was totally turned off to human kind. She had been mistreated but I was not able to see any of that. She was not safe but worst of all, she did not like me. So down another path I went. This time to understand how to communicate to the horse and how to listen and give her what she needed. Basically, how could I be worthy of her and heal some of her hurt. Followed was a decade of natural horse training with some of the world's finest horseman.

Faceta did get better, and she had a cherished life, but she died at 16 from melanoma. I now have her Grandson, Festivo, horse in the video. How I found him is another magical story. Ask me sometime... 

Festivo and I do have "the bond" I always knew was possible as a child. He is now my Medicine Horse. He is a true healer and has a sixth sense of what people need. He amazes me all the time.  

Couples Counseling for You and Your Horse

The initial meeting (session) is an hour and a half. During this time I will meet you and your horse and get a brief history of your life, your horses life and when and how you two got together. Then we will talk about the problems you are having with your partner (horse) and see if there are memories or experiences from your past or something in your attitude that is interfering with the connection. I will also help you connect to your horse during that session and see what he or she is bringing into the relationship.

The beauty of our love for horses is that it brings us back to ourselves. We must grow as people to be worthy of our horses. Wherever we find our passion, is where we find the road to our own healing.

Initial session one and half hour: $150.00
Additional sessions one hour: $100.00
Location: Prescott, AZ
Call 480-540-0074

Horses As Models for Parenting

What on earth does Horse training have to do with raising kids? Well...just about everything!

Horses live in a herd, and herd animals follow some very strict rules of who's in charge and why. They define family clearly and each member is expected to do their role. There is the lead mare - she is boss. And there is the stallion-he backs up the lead mare and keeps everyone moving. (Get the picture)?

Horses are prey animals, their most common feeling is fear. Humans are predators, they live their lives by rules of intimidation. Children are like preys and adults are like predators.

No means No! You cannot be wishy-washy with a twelve hundred pound horse! These animals teach us assertiveness, exactly what children need.

Horses respond willingly to kindness and consistency. They also respond in kind to a heavy hand. When a human and horse are true partners there is a spiritual bond that can be seen. This is the ultimate lesson in relationships, what we all want with our children.

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