Earthbabies: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times by

Earthbabies: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

A serious storybook for adults about children.
  • Learn why conception, pregnancy, birth, and the first year are the most important times of a person’s life.
  • An education in what makes happy, healthy Earthbabies and a guide for those who were not so lucky.
  • As a civilization, we have lost the ancient wisdom of the very preciousness of each baby.

In the next hour, 432 new Earthbabies will be born in the United States, Today, there will be 10,386 new souls, and this month alone 311,040 babies will be delivered in America. Twenty percent of these babies are born to mother using some form of drugs, tobacco or alcohol and 60 percent are born unintentionally. As unwanted babies grow up, they suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence, at the very least.

The Empty Well theory addresses this issue for the first time. It is a significant contribution to psychology and human understanding - and it is only in Earthbabies.

This represents a human tragedy that is ignored almost completely today. Earthbabies was written to remind and warn our culture. It speaks to restoring women to their full power and reclaiming love and connection to our planet through each new Earthbaby.

This book offers a new spiritual psycho-philosophy to a hungry audience:

  • how to have happier children
  • what causes so much pain and violence in us and our world
  • how to relieve it
  • and most importantly how to prevent it

It is also a healing guide for those adults who know they suffer from birth trauma.

Earthbabies: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times is 62 pages measuring 8.5” by 11” and printed on lovely warm paper. It is beautifully illuminated with Celtic symbols and 7 original illustrations by Paige Sullivan adding great depth to the words.

Earthbabies is not a technical book; however, this story is based on research in pre-and perinatal psychology. The voice of the narrator is a wise old woman who gathers people by firelight in a forest. They meet for 12 nights, each night becoming a chapter. Her voice is kind and loving even as she delivers some earthshaking realities.

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Earthbabies: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Printed on recycled paper.
Copyright © Library of Congress
ISBN 0-9741785-1-9 2003


Earthbabies ... a Sample...

There is a gathering in the woods. For twelve nights this group meets to hear the words and wisdom from the crone. We do not know where she came from or where she is going but there is the feeling that these words are important and will only be spoken once...


Please come sit down with me. The fire is warm and we have many things to talk about. Listen to the sound of night in these sacred woods. Can you hear nature talking to you? The ones that fly and creep are around you. The four-legged ones are watching us. Soon we will be lighted by moon glow and firelight. We will be able to see each other clearly in this clean light. You have come into this circle by Divine Invitation. You have been called here and I am grateful to you. What you will hear may sometimes be disturbing, but please listen with your heart, for the ears and the brain will play tricks. If you have a broken heart, or an empty heart, listen well, for truth can heal your heart. The heart hears with love, even if it is broken.