Dr. Wendy McCord


Dr. McCord has two locations. The primary office is in Prescott Az. Open daily Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and by appointment. The Mesa/Phoenix office is open one weekend a month on Friday and Saturday. See calendar for 2015 dates. This practice is "cash basis" only. Fee per session is $140. Sliding scale available, may vary by location. The one insurance accepted is HMC Health Works. You may request a free half hour session at either location.

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In Prescott:
119 E. Goodwin St, Prescott AZ 86303


Office in Prescott

In Phoenix:
1237 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa AZ 85204


Questions and Answers about therapy

Why go into therapy?

We all know life is hard. But most of us can deal with what life gives us most of the time. Then there are times when we cannot. Either the pain and emotions becomes too overwhelming or the answers seem impossible to find — and we are stuck. Relationships, parenting, work environments, death, birth, illnesses, relocation, trauma, violence, are some of the situations that may become overwhelming. Therapy helps you move from the pain or trauma into action, empowerment and finally clarity. The end of this cycle is resolution and peace.

Why can’t I do it myself- or just talk to a friend or family member?

Most people do try this — and often it works. When this doesn’t work it is possible that the cause of your discomfort is buried in your past. Sixty percent of American adults do not believe that childhood effect adulthood. They do not see a connection between childhood trauma and adult behavior or illnesses. This is NOT TRUE! What happened to you in childhood, even your very beginning (conception — birth) has lifelong effects, both physically and emotionally. This is where your self—esteem or lack of it comes from. However it can be buried in the unconscious and sending messages to your adult self—steering the ship so to speak, and you are totally unaware of this happening. Talk about confusing! Therapy can help you find those missing pieces that are unconsciously controlling your life and even your health.

When is the best time to start?

Do you see a pattern in your life that is not working? It may be in relationships, jobs, self sabotage, or even emotions that are out of control. Do you desperately want some changes in your life? Do you want to feel love again for yourself? Do you have memories or secrets that are too much to bare? This is the time to seek therapy. Another sign to listen to — if you feel like harming yourself or another in anyway, it is time to start talking.

Who is not right for therapy?

Anyone who should be in recovery and is not. People still practicing their addiction will not benefit from therapy. If you are not ready or able to take responsibility for your life and behavior then it is better to wait. The seriously mentally ill are out of my area of ethical expertise.

What are my guarantees if I begin therapy?

None really, only this- I bring more than 30 years of experience with human consciousness and behavior. I will do my best with knowledge and intuition to understand you. Together we will look for the cause and the cure of your situation. In partnership we will work together...and you will not be alone.

How will I know when I am done with therapy?

When you want to spend your time and money on more fun things.